Ambress ad’Allace, born to the lowest caste of nobility, must marry well to have any chance of a better life. Since childhood, she has been tutored in the art of making a match with a son of the Fiefe, but the odds are against her. However, Ambress has one possession that would make her the envy of even the royals in her land: an incomplete set of ancient necklaces full of talismanic magic.

Growing up perilously on the edge of higher society, Ambress hopes these necklaces are her key to landing a noble boy and securing her future. But despite all her tutoring, she falls in love with the slave boy Prandor, even though marriage is not for love but title. Ambress cannot possibly give herself to Prandor, who has had her heart since they were children. Or can she? In a world where the lines between the classes are thick, and one misstep spells ruin for generations to come, is there any magic that allows them each other?

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When tensions explode between the Earth colonists and the native inhabitants on Nasa, a gas attack upon the cities wrenches people’s souls from their bodies and reorders them at random. Avan opens his eyes to a cornfield, wearing a stranger’s clothes and with mere minutes to find shelter before the deadly swarm of insects arises at sunset.

When any face could hide the soul of a loved one, Avan struggles to locate his younger brother Fong and their foster sisters among the millions of casualties in a world plunging into chaos. Weaving sinuously between characters and time, The Dammerung explores the collapse and reconstruction of a society through one family caught in the aftermath.

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Available exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

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