Sometimes not getting what we want is a very good thing.

One of my worries while writing the Rune series was that should I be lucky enough to find a traditional publisher again, the editor would demand I shorten the books. People don’t like longer books. They are too expensive to make. Remove every fifth word and everything will be okay. And while I have written much shorter books, it simply wasn’t possible for this particular series. The books are as long as they have to be to tell the tale, each one longer than the one that came before. When I edited them for size, the story weakened. I returned those edited-out portions back where they belonged.

With e-publishing on my own, size no longer matters. And yes, they’re long for young adult books, but I don’t remember resenting long books when I was a young adult myself. I don’t know where that idea came from, since my (limited-pool sample) friends were not frightened of meatier options on the shelves either. Those thick books just had to have a good story pinched between their covers.

Runefly was a delight to write, and those of you (all ten) following the Gatecrashers have the story the way it should be told: at length.

Runefly is now available as both an ebook on Amazon and Smashwords and also in paperback!

And to help the other ten of you catch up, the first book in the Rune Series, Runefool, is now 99¢ for the ebook version on Amazon and Smashwords!

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